What is Slapstats?

"Slapstats" is a comprehensive hockey league administration/managing web-based program, built with PHP & MySQL. "What does it do?" We think it's more of a question, "What doesn't it do!"

Currently, it is in beta (early development) stages, so having an online demo (one you can play with) is not possible at this point in time, but you can see live working demo at GNML.ORG - The Great North Midget League. This league has been very kind in helping us, with consulting, debuging and developing the software.

Also, the cost of the "Slapstats" web-based application has not been determined yet. We figure that it will be sold as a complete package... Domain (www.yourhockeyleague.com), hosting, FREE updates to the program, and one yearly cost. But, this could change in the future.

If you have any questions about "Slapstats" or want to find out when we will be able to set it up for your small to medium hockey league send us an email at...info@slapstats.com

Thanks, and stay tuned!
Team Slapstats